Maureen and Dan Grossman are Indiana residents by choice and by heritage. Although they have deep family ties to the Midwest, life had taken the Grossmans to a variety of settings as young adults. After meeting during their college years, they married and relocated to Texas, where they stayed until Dan finished his surgical residency. In 1980, they decided to return to their roots in Indiana, where they would nurture their family and establish themselves.

Maureen Grossman says that she gets her “horse energy” from her father, who was always bringing home grade horses (such as the unforgettable King Leonardo and Biggie Rat) from local auctions to see if they would work out. She remembers idyllic days where she and her sister raced half-broke horses across the fields, oblivious to any lurking squirrel hole or other hidden danger. Maureen’s first Arabian—who she fondly describes as “a bit of a knucklehead”—came her way as a pre-teen… [read more]